Initial Evaluation

Collegiate Gateway has received the coveted Certified Master Practitioner credential, reflecting an outstanding degree of expertise and knowledge about the MBTI and Strong assessments.  We begin by consulting with the client, in order to understand the background and goals. This, in turn, allows us to evaluate which assessments and interpretation activities are most appropriate. We provide guidance to individuals and organizations.

For organizations, we develop objectives with the team’s leadership, based on the company’s stage, needs and goals. We decide whether it would be more effective to provide MBTI interpretations to each staff member individually or in a workshop setting.  We review short-term and long-term organizational priorities, including goal-setting, communication, problem-solving, conflict-resolution, teamwork and employee development.

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, and based on the psychological theories of Carl Jung, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the leading personality type indicator in the world.  By identifying your innate personality type, the assessment can help you understand your strengths and challenges, as well as your preferred styles of learning, conflict, resolution, leadership, teamwork, and personal relationships.

  • Individuals:  Assessment options include an interpretive report for high school students, a Step II report for college students and grads (explores additional facets of personality) and a stress management report (describes the impact of stress on personality characteristics)
  • Organizations:  Topics include the personality type of the individuals and the team; preferred styles of communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, leadership and teamwork.

Strong Interest Inventory

While all personality types are represented in every occupation, there is a strong relationship between personality and successful career choice.  The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) provides a variety of interest assessments, and can suggest effective options for college majors, extracurricular activities, internships and careers.

Assessments range from the global General Occupational Themes, to the more specific Occupational Scales, to the individualized Personal Style Scales, which include preferences for learning, working, leadership, risk-taking and team orientation.


Validation and Interpretation

The value of the MBTI and Strong assessments lies in the validation and interpretation by a Certified Practitioner.  We meet in-person or on skype, to accomplish the following:

  • Validate your MBTI personality type
  • Validate your Strong interest themes
  • Identify your personality’s strengths, challenges, learning style, communication, and approach to teamwork
  • Explore the relationships between your personality and interests
  • Develop “next steps” to promote personal and career growth; identify fulfilling interests; and enhance communication and relationships.