Collegiate Gateway has received the coveted Certified Master Practitioner credential, reflecting an outstanding degree of expertise and knowledge about the MBTI and Strong assessments.

We begin by consulting with the client, to become familiar with your academic and personal background, as well as educational and career goals. This, in turn, allows us to evaluate which MBTI and Strong assessment and interpretation tools would be most appropriate, based on your age, stage in life, and objectives. The MBTI Step II assessment is ideal for individuals in their twenties and older, because it explores additional facets of personality that truly individualize each personality type.


Career Planning

Determining a satisfying career path requires matching an individual’s preferences, talents and personality with available opportunities in the employment market. Collegiate Gateway combines our deep understanding of people with  up-to-date awareness of trends in careers.

  • Evaluate client’s personal, academic, extracurricular and career background
  • Determine “best-fit” careers that are a strong match
  • Clarify preferred styles of communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and stress management
  • Understand how to best apply strengths, manage weaknesses, and develop underutilized capacities
  • Develop an action plan of “next steps” to achieve career goals

Resumes and Cover Letters

Success in obtaining a satisfying career opportunity requires that you present your strengths and accomplishments as effectively as possible through your resume and cover letters.  We work closely together to strengthen your candidacy for appropriate jobs.

  • Evaluate client’s personal, academic, extracurricular and career background
  • Develop an effective resume that showcases unique strengths, experiences and accomplishments
  • Create a variety of cover letters that communicate client’s strengths and fit for appropriate employment


Collegiate Gateway believes that learning how to interview effectively is an important life skill. Interviews play an influential role in college and graduate school admissions; as well as internship, research and employment opportunities.

  • Provide an overview of the goals of employee interviews
  • Counsel on how to research before your interview
  • Discuss how to dress and behave appropriately
  • Conduct a mock interview simulating real-time conditions
  • Provide feedback about strengthening interview skills
  • Review successful follow-up activities