High School Planning

At Collegiate Gateway, we understand that the College Admissions process begins long before you send your application, write your personal essays, or even take the SAT (or ACT). The choices you make now – from course planning to extracurriculars to test prep – will play a huge role in the eventual strength of your college application. That’s why we begin working together with students long before application season.

  • Evaluate each student’s academic, personal and extracurricular background
  • Examine options for secondary schools, including public, private, andĀ boarding schools.
  • Plan core curriculum, electives and course sequences
  • Strengthen academic motivation and performance
  • Consult on extracurricular activities and community service
  • Advise on summer activities, internships and employment
  • Recommend appropriate standardized tests, schedule and test preparation
  • Develop time management and organizational skills
  • Provide a personal, web-based Student Portal to track action plans, testing and college lists

High School Research Programs: Science, Social Science and Math

We work with high school students who wish to undertake sustained research in 10th – 12th grades. We help the students identify and select appropriate research topics; participate in regional research fairs and contests in 10th and 11th grades; and enter national competitions in 12th grade, such as Intel Science Talent Search and Siemens.

  • Develop research topics that fit student’s interests
  • Recommend summer research programs and mentors
  • Establish schedule to meet all deadlines
  • Review applications for summer research programs:
    • University-based programs
    • Stand-alone mentors at colleges or labs
  • Guide on summer program selection
  • Review Intel competition application and essays
  • Evaluate research competition boards
  • Conduct mock research board presentations and provide feedback

College Planning

College provides a unique opportunity to explore possibilities, develop your identity and interests, and lay the groundwork for your career. Expert guidance can help identify and select the best options for you.

  • Evaluate each student’s academic, personal and extracurricular background
  • Provide guidance on academic plans, including majors, minors, certificate programs, dual degrees
  • Consult on extracurricular college activities
  • Advise on summer activities, internships and employment
  • Develop an effective college resume
  • Administer, validate and interpretĀ assessments, to help identify “best-fit” career paths

Graduate School Planning

We work with college students who wish to pursue additional education at professional schools (medicine, law, business) or graduate schools (engineering, mathematics, journalism, urban planning, international business and more).

  • Evaluate each student’s academic, personal and extracurricular background
  • Evaluate appropriate options for graduate school that meet student’s needs
  • Plan college course sequences to optimize student’s graduate school preparation and admissions chances
  • Recommend college extracurricular activities to help student explore and identify areas of interest, and strengthen graduate school admissions chances
  • Administer, validate and interpret assessments, to help identify “best-fit” career paths and graduate school programs